Young Harlots – Carnal Education (2011)

Starring: Shay Hendrix, Avril, Kit, Nicole Sweet, Coco Charnel.
The latest arousing edition of Young Harlots is back are they are causing more mayhem and mischief as ever before. This is sure to wet your sexual appetites!First scene kicks off with cutie Nicole Sweet sitting blindfolded in her professors study as gives her a lesson in poetry, he ask her to feel the words as well as his pulsating cock. As the lesson unfolds the perverted professor is soon having a good feel of Nicole’s firm breasts and tight wet pussy before giving her hole a good fucking.New teacher Mr D has just arrived at the Academy so the perverted professor gives him a quick briefing on how easy the young students are to fuck and Mr D wastes no time in doing so as pretty little Avril gets caught pleasuring herself with a vibrator Mr D takes the vibrator but instead gives her his huge cock which she take with pure satisfaction.Black beauty Kit is having a lesson on `Practical demonstrations’ as practise makes perfect as she does not want to disappoint sir. Sir slowly strips off her uniform revealing her large tits. Horny Kit can’t wait to get her mouth around sir’s cock sucking down hard on it; soon Kit gets a good hard fuck she truly deserves for all her hard work!French Stunner Coco Charnel needs a little help with her English so the perverted professor and Mr D give her a helping hand. Coco sucks away on a lolly pop as they caress her pert body; soon their huge members are on display giving Coco more than a mouthful, watch as Coco shrieks out with delight in this explosive double penetration scene!Mr D has finished his first week at the academy so the professor and Miss Hendrix sit back and observe what Mr D has learnt and they are not disappointed as A star Student Coco Charnel takes his massive cock up her luscious wet pussy. This gets the perverted professor and Miss Hendrix feeling very horny so Coco & Mr D are dismissed and they embark in a fuck fest that will having you reaching for your cock in no time.

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