Working It Out (1983)

Director: Phillip Jem
Starring: Joanna Storm, Janey Robbins, Eric Boyer, Danielle, Faustie, Paula Di S, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage, Dave Cannon, Francois.
Sensuously, a red fingernailed hand glides over the curve of the thigh, reaching down to slowly lift a leg warmer over see-through black mesh tights. Straightening up, she then pulls up a skin tight leotard, stretching to cover her upper body, seemingly to cling to the flesh with each well endowed curve. She’s ready. She’s Joanna Storm, the hottest new star in erotic films, and she’s WORKING IT OUT…
Can a lady turn a useless broken down gym into a thriving business? You bet she can! Especially with a little help from her friends. They’re bringing you the Body Works, and with these bodies you’ll be WORKING IT OUT like nobody ever has. Exercise becomes Sexercise with sizzling Danielle and newcomers Faustie and Paul di S. And of course, there’s Joanna! Your body may never recover from this workout. But then who’d want to?

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