Woman In Love (1983)

Director: Kemal Horulu
Starring: Christie Ford, Laurien Dominique, Lisa B., Samantha Fox, Vanessa del Rio, Veri Knotty, Veronica Hart, Beyce Mitcheal, Bobby Astyr, Charles Voyer, George Payne, Jack Hestor, Jerome Carter, Jerry Butler, Ron Hudd, Leny Schutzer, Paul Ford, Paul Thomas, R. Bolla, Ron Jeremy.
When frustrated housewife Christine lands a job at saucy Simmone’s clothing boutique she’s shocked to see more clothes taken off than tried on, and more people coming in the backroom than coming in the front door. At one of Simmone’s famous free for all parties Christine is a bit shy until Eric gives her some carnal comforting. Then when he drops her for Veronica Hart, gigolo Giorgio is there to lick her wounds. Don’t miss this torrid journey of one woman’s tireless search for total satisfaction.

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