White Men Can’t Hump (1992)

Director: Sal E. Mander
Starring: Cassidy, Tanya Storm, Ashley Phillips, Daniella Darius, Ron Hightower, Rob Tyler, Sean Michaels, Doug Warr, Jay Stanton.
A low-budget video with plenty of high-powered sex, this fun-filled romp features some fresh young faces (and bodies) that you’re not likely to see anywhere else. This is only very loosely connected to the mainstream film whose title they’ve adapted — one quick scene of some guys playing some bad basketball. No, what this feature is concerned with is sex, plain and simple, and nothing as trivial as a plot is going to get in its way. Although some of the names in the cast will be familiar to hardcore fans, it’s the no-names who you’ve got to watch out for. These amazingly hot and fresh young beauties raise the whole level of the video with their unforced enthusiasm and their seemingly limitless appetite for sex at its sweatiest. Just check out the opening scene, where a pretty young bleach blonde takes on her biker beau in a kitchen cavort. This woman is totally into her work, and there’s just no way to fake the energy or passion that she puts into her ‘work.’ And that’s just the beginning of this vibrant and extremely arousing tape.

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