White Heat (1981)

Starring: Gabriel Pontello, Danny Berger, Olinka, Lisa Shine, Myka, Sarah Claudia.
If you would like a change of scenery — the people as well as the ambiance, this is it: Shot in the Alps with a ski lodge background. The voices are dubbed but the in-and-out urge is not that much different. The story begins with a handsome young man, Michel, waiting for a woman in a restaurant. When she arrives, Olinka — a Marilyn Monroe lookalike, he spills champagne on her, which is an excuse for undressing her. The he pours the whole bottle over her and laps it off as if she was stranded in a desert. After several very pleasant erogenous episodes with Mr. Right, they obviously live happily ever after. The erotic copulating and skiing scenes in the snow are quite erotic to behold. What a film to remember.

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