Whispered Lies (1994)

Director: Peter Davy
Starring: Alex Jordan, Rebecca Bardoux, Keisha, Krista, Melanie Moore, Isis Nile, Tiffany Million, Peter North, Steve Drake, Mike Horner, Steven St. Croix, Colt Steele, Tony Martino, Marc Wallice, Tim Lake, EZ Ryder, Leena.
Some real effort went into the costumes and sets of this Victorian-era potboiler. The video’s sumptuous period look is complemented by some of the most stunning, scrumptious women in hardcore. Leggy looker Leena shines in the lead role, playing a young woman who’s chafing against the strict boundaries placed on her by society. Her father’s arranged for her to be married off to rich landowner Mike Horner — in exchange for writing off some sizable debts that he owes. But Leena’s in love with studly Colt Steele, and wants no part of her set-up marriage. She continues her affair with Colt over the objections of her father and husband, and ends up paying the ultimate price for her lust. Horner kills both her and her lover. We then flash forward in time to the present day, when ravishing Rebecca Bardoux is buying the luxurious house. Rebecca soon finds out that there’s more to the place than meets the eye — it’s still haunted by Leena’s wandering ghost. Leena haunts the remainder of the video, flitting in and out of various heated couplings as her restless spirit drives her on. The whole thing works remarkably well, with all concerned giving surprisingly solid performances. Erotic highlights include Leena’s passionate tryst with Colt near the beginning, and a white-hot threeway between Alex Jordan, Krista and Steven St. Croix. Voluptuous stunner Keisha turns in some nice work during her sensual scorcher with Tony Martino, bouncing and jiggling her way right into your dreams. And Rebecca Bardoux does some nice things in the course of a carnally magnificent threesome of her own with Tim Lake and Marc Wallice. A nicely produced feature that actually tries to create a believable world of its own, this one’s a great pick for couples, too.

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