Where The Boys Aren’t 12 (1999)

Starring: Sky, Alex Taylor, Jenteal, Julia Ann, Janine, Devon, Kobe Tai, Raylene, Taylor Hayes.
Escaped convicts and bodacious beachcombers find themselves all tossed into the same steamy setting in this edition of the girls-only series. We open with a riveting scene between gorgeous young Devon and Sky, who are engaging in some backyard fun when their ride to the beach shows up and starts honking. Raylene and Jenteal are not about to wait for them to conclude their Sapphic session, so Devon and Sky pack up and head out for a day at the beach with their two other gal pals. On the way, the girls learn that there’s just been a bold escape from a local women’s prison. Four inmates have broken out and are now on the loose! Of course, rather than heading home, the beach-going gals decide the time is ripe for some strap-on ravishing of the delectable Devon. Meanwhile, it seems that the four convicts (Janine, Julia Ann, Alex Taylor and Kobi Tai) are holed up in some house that they’ve taken over, hiding out until the heat is off. Needless to say, all the gals end up together at the house, much to the amazement of homeowner/housewife Taylor Hayes, who doesn’t know quite what to make of all this lesbian lust. Various pairings ensue as the whole house turns into a writhing mass of nubile female flesh. This one’s sure to satisfy fans of lesbian sex, as it’s chock full of utterly gorgeous young vixens who seem determined to show their fellow femmes just how sexually voracious they can be. “Sexual mayhem”.

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