Waterpower (1977)

AKA: Water Power
The Enema Bandit
The Enema Killer
Director: Shaun Costello
Starring: Marlene Willoughby, Gloria Leonard, C.J. Laing, Jeanne Silver, Sharon Mitchell, John Buco, Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards.
The ’70s were the decade in which porn was merciless and ugly; glorifying cinematic filth by so-called XXX roughies. Amongst them was the infamous Waterpower, by Shaun Costello. Jamie Gillis plays a notorious villain called the Enema Bandit.
Before giving his female victims an anal probing, he penetrates each one of them relentlessly as the cops are sent on a desperate search to catch the filthy bandit. Waterpower is certainly the shocking cult film that digs deep into the bowels of classic porn… literally! Truly gripping cinematography with bold acting performances set in a gritty atmosphere of urban decay aids Jamie Gillis in playing the perfect Enema Bandit frighteningly real.

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