Vista Valley PTA (1981)

Director: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Jessie St. James, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Juliet Anderson, Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay, Desiree West, Sharon Kane, Richard Pacheco, Shirley Woods, Aaron Stuart, Dewey Alexander.
The suburb of Vista Valley will never be the same since the members of the PTA and the students decided to do a little extra curricular activity! An astonishing adult film ‘Vista Valley P.T.A.’ unflinchingly brings the sin in the suburbs to the screen with amazing realism as the students of Vista Valley High School and their parents mix it up sexually among themselves and each other! Vista Valley is a suburban mesh of sex perversion, greed and out-and-out lust. From classroom to board rooms to bedrooms. Vista Valley P.T.A. is a crowning achievement!!!

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