Virtuoso (2000)

Director: Michael Raven
Starring: Katja Kean, Ava Vicent, Shanna McCullough, Heather Lynn, Tabitha Tyler, Randy Spears, Dillion Day, Pat Myne, Alec Metro, Eric Rice.
Roger Wellman is a sculptor who accepts a dare from a friend to create a statue that embodies all of the female’s most desirable qualities and then bring it to life. He carves a piece of rare jade into his feminine ideal, then brings it to life and teaches it everything there is to know about life, including the sexual things. Katja Kean is, Lilly, the statue made a living, breathing human. Roger teaches her everything, including how to masturbate, how to fuck, and how to use sex toys. Eventually, in a plot twisted reminiscent of D.H. Lawrence, she falls in love with the gardener, Rudy. But Roger and his colossal ego don’t catch on until it’s too late. And by that time, the two are planning a new life – without Roger and his friends. Raven usually deals with cataclysmic events and aimless drifters, but in Virtuoso he plays with the conventions of the romance novel and adds some of his raw, superbly shot sex to spice things up. Not only does Katja Kean lend her usual raw sensual presence, Ava Vincent, Shanna McCullough and newcomer Tabitha Tyler bring in a mix of knowing, steamy, sexual knowledge and innocent lust to the party. Virtuoso is not your average Michael Raven film – and that’s good.

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