Virtual Sex (1993)

Director: Nick Orleans
Starring: Ariel Daye, Deborah Wells, Jalynn, Kelly O’Dell, Laurie Cameron, Sierra, Tanya Storm, Tiffany Mynx, Tina Tyler, Darrin Hart, Mark Davis, Eric Starr, Tony Tedeschi.
Tired of watching the same old skin flicks and trying to get off? POV themed movies not even getting you off when you have a craving to be in the middle of the action? Try Virtual Sex – it’s the next best thing to being there! We all know not all realities are created equal…and that’s okay! A pair of electric sunglasses…a hand-held computer…and the human imagination. These are the tools of the trade in Virtual Sex. Kelly O’Dell and her closest friends test drive the new pleasure goggles by plugging into their most treasured erotic fantasies – with explosive results. Join them as they push the envelope of human pleasure to new dimensions in the most beautiful erotic motion picture of the year.

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