Virgin And The Lover (1973)

Starring: Jennifer Welles, Darby Lloyd Rains, Olinka, Helen Madigan, Susan Sloane, Leah Marlon.
Eric Edwards stars in the psychologically driven tale of a man trapped inside his own sexual fantasy world. It seems that he’s only ever fallen for one woman, a gal who died in a tragic car crash years before. Now, Eric lives with a mannequin that he’s dressed up in her old clothes and has vivid dreams about the dummy coming to life and trysting with him. He ends up at the office of a psychiatrist whose delectable young secretary just happens to think he’s dreamy. This is early porn at its most complex and ambitious, taking a long, hard look at modern relationships even while serving up a series of white-hot sex scenes. They don’t make ’em like this anymore — artsy, moody and scorchingly erotic.

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