Up To No Good (1986)

Director: Roy Karch
Starring: Cara Lott, Shaun Michelle, Summer Rose, Dan T. Mann, Myke Edwards, Tony Martino.
Suzi (Cara Lott) is a beautiful vision to the Martin family, Tony (Dan T. Mann) and Rita (Shaun Michelle). A Woman as hot and as passionate as Suzi can wreck havoc on a couple who are questioning their sensuality especially if she is…….. UP TO NO GOOD.
Suzi answers a personals ad in the local swingers paper placed by Rita’s sister and when she meets the Martins the fun begins. Suzi can make a man cry uncle and a woman scream for more. UP TO NO GOOD is a passion and pleasure, erotica and fantasy.
The ad really starts to pay off sexual dividends. Seductive Cyndee (Summer Rose) says she is willing to do anything as long as it’s kinky- she wants no straight sex! Non-stop fun, action and sexual adventure are what you get when you are UP TO NO GOOD.

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