Ultimate Lover (1986)

Director: Thomas Paine
Starring: Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Eric Edwards, Amber Lynn, Robin Cannes, Jessica Wylde, Nikki Randall, Paul Thomas, Kimi Gee, Ron Jeremy, Jon Martin, Herschel Savage, Alex Greco.
It seems that Nina Hartley and Tracey Adams are going through some rough times with their love lives. Their solution is to build the world’s greatest vibrator. But they don’t stop there — they build a body to go along with it. An Ultimate Lover is what they end up with, a tireless sexual stud who’ll do their bawdy bidding without complaint. But it turns out he’s too much for them to handle on their own! As their super stud ravishes the local populace, the gals decide to create a foxy female mate for him to play with. This is a fun-filled, well-scripted effort that doesn’t skimp on the hardcore heat. It’s a perfect example of the 80s Golden Age, with one of Nina’s greatest performances ever.

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