Twisted (1997)

Starring: Alex Dane, Farrah, Johnni Black, Kaitlyn Ashley, Krista Maze, Nici Sterling, Sindee Coxx, Alex Sanders, J.J. Michaels, Peter North, Tony Tedeschi, T.T. Boy, Wilde Oscar.
Tony Tedeschi is a mystery writer grieving over the loss of his wife and its ensuing writer’s block. As he pounds on the keys different stories emerge, laying the foundation for this disc. In the first story called “The Black Cat”, a guy named Henry allows some friends to visit him. We learn that Henry’s wife mysteriously died and that woman visiting looks mysteriously like her. Henry, his male friend (Alex Saunders) and their female companion have a seance and discover that the soul of the dead wife resides in the body of the other woman. Enough plot, yet? Too make a long tale short, the two dudes decide they must share the body of the woman and share her they do. Alex quickly goes for the pussy while Henry stays up top getting his cock sucked. Alex enters her doggy style while Henry continues to let her feast on his man meat. We jump back and forth between a variety of positions all with a pretty music background and some lush photography. Both guys cum on her face and Meow, did you hear a cat. Well, Alec did and goes in search of it only to find it (and the dead wife!) locked in a freezer. End of the story. Scared yet?

No Pass

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