Twins (1986)

AKA: Jumelles Jouisseuses
Director: Jerome Tanner
Starring: Bunny Bleu, Careena Collins, Jamie Summers, Taija Rae, Nina Hartley, Hershel Savage, John Leslie, Marc Wallice, Randy Paul, Jerry Butler.
Imagine two identically beautiful, sexy twins. Imagine one shy and reserved. Imagine the other twin mean, wet, and nasty! Now imagine a jealous rivalry coming between them and you’ve got the makings for the new erotic fantasy epic by Jerome Tanner, “Twins.” when Sabrina discovers her boyfriend falling for her identical twin sister Samantha, the screen sizzles! Sabrina sets fire to Samantha’s reputation by seducing everyone in Samantha’s close circle
of friends … man or woman! The result is complete seduction to anyone who comes close. Everyone from Samantha’s professor to her boyfriend are fooled into thinking that Samantha has finally become a hot horny woman when in reality it’s her evil sister doing what comes naturally.

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