Twice A Virgin (1983)

Director: Drea
Starring: Shannon, Becky Savage, Terri Gordon, Marc Wallice, Bo Roberts, Lori Saunders, Shaun Michele, Kevin Langdon, Jerry Davis.
The supremely-beautiful and excitingly-erotic SHANNON sizzles as ‘TWICE A VIRGIN.’ This real life docu-drama is based on the actual sexual exploits of one of the world’s most beautiful and sensuous human beings. She was born with a stick of dynamite between her legs and a sexual time bomb ticking in her soul.
At the home of a famous writer, SHANNON bares all… graphically detailing, by flashbacks, her amorous exploits with a processing of beautiful females prior to her sex-change. This is followed by visual vignettes involving a series of male companions – each trying to outdo each other in bed.
Skilled in the art of delicate deception, SHANNON repeatedly delights and destroys her many admirers as they discover that the stunning blonde is a complete and complex carnal creation.
But, before agreeing to put her life down in writing, the writer must first have living proof of SHANNON’s tale of many tails. And ‘TWICE A VIRGIN’ climaxes with delicate intimacy as SHANNON searingly validates the sexual sentiment that ‘actions speak louder than words!’

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