Twelve Strokes To Midnight (2000)

AKA: 12 Strokes To Midnight
Les 12 Coups De Minuit
Midnight Dreamer
Starring: Meridian, Dolly Golden, David Perry, Bettina, Gili Sky, Daniella Rush, Bruno Aissix, Jessica May, Monica Sweetheart, Vanda, Lou Valmont, Vanessa, Delphine, Angela Tiger, Marc Barrow, Titof, K. Sandra, Lisa Marshall, H.P. Gustave, Rodolphe Antrim, Ian Scott, Kevin Long.
As New Year’s Eve approaches in Paris, a nerdy accountant finds himself alone and without a date. Despite his amazingly luxurious pad, he can’t seem to find a woman who is interested in him. So he finds himself a luscious blonde hooker and spends the evening with her. She in turn leads him on a carnal adventure through some of Paris’ steamiest back alleys and sex clubs. They watch as a trio of trysters get down and dirty in a hotel lobby. They attend a party in which a shapely blonde takes on a couple of studs in a delirious DP dalliance. They wander into a full-scale orgy, filled with writhing bodies and sweaty pile-ups. The plot soon melts completely away and we’re left with a series of scalding sexual encounters between a wide variety of European stunners and studs. Raw, passionate and completely unhinged, this one is a great pick for anyone into high-end, lushly shot European hardcore. “Volcanic! Great sex and hot women.

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