Tropical Taboo (1995)

Director: Tony Martino
Starring: Tabitha, Channone, Blake Mitchell, Lovette, Frankie Layne, Devon Shire, Blake Palmer, Jack Hammer, Ron Jeremy, Tony Martino.
An exotic tropical concoction that delivers lots of hectic outdoor action, ‘Tropical Taboo’ takes audiences on a head-spinning vacation in paradise. There’s nothing resembling a plot to be found here, just a series of scorching sex scenes set against a tantalizing tropical backdrop. Lots of waving palm trees, crashing surf and sunny beaches are par for the course here as some bodaciously breasty bad girls give it up in a series of scintillating scenarios. Fans of bra busting beauties will certainly find lots to love throughout this one, which is stuffed to overflowing with the top-heavy likes of Lovette, Blake Mitchell and Frankie Layne. Each of these women gets down and dirty in a high energy scene, but for sheer sensual pleasure it’s hard to top the performance of tasty Tabitha. She’s a deliriously pretty young go-getter who shows off her lovely figure to great effect in the swimsuit she’s given to strut around in. And when the going gets sexual, there have been few as ready, willing and eager to romp as this curvalicious cutie. Basically, if you’re a fan of down and dirty hardcore and love watching busty strumpets give it up in the great outdoors, this is the video for you.

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