Traci Lords – What Gets Me Hot (1984)

Director: Richard Mailer
Starring: Traci Lords, Shone Taylor, Helga Sven, Tom Byron, Bunny Bleu, Marc Wallice, Susan Hart, Don Hodge, Maria Kay, Herschel Savage, Steve Powers, Leslie Thane, Greg Rome, Dorothy Onan, David Sanders.
Upon catching his mother’s maid stealing flowers again, Mark Radner blackmails her to submit at the same time to him and his friends Kevin and Jeff. Meanwhile, Cheryl reminiscences of her first time with Bill. Not knowing Mark is peeping, Mrs. Radner wants and gets public sex from her drunk driving boyfriend at the parkway. In the pool area, Mrs. Waters greets shy new neighbor Mr. Kennedy. In their very next appearance, the neighbor is being pleasured by the buxom mother. Debbie is with Kevin. Lannie Waters pleasures herself while fantasizing of outdoor sex with Jeff. Debbie is abused and date raped by Mark Radner, before realizing Wendy and Kevin joined in.

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