Traci Lords – Suzie Superstar 2 (1986)

Starring: Traci Lords, Alicia Monet, Krista Lane, Nina Hartley, Sharon Kane, Laurie Smith, Alexa Parks, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Jon Martin, Ginger Lynn.
Suzie Superstar – first Shanna Grant, then Ginger Lynn and now the hot newcomer Alicia Monet… as the Search Continues. Sharon Kane, who not only writes but also sings the songs in this movie, has a manly get together with the bitchy club owner “Mr. S” played by Krista Lane, John Leslie again appears as Z.W. McCain. We see him remember meeting and loving Suzie Superstar II Ginger Lynn. Z.W. has lost it and has become a crazed and lost rock mogul to be sustained by his new friend the rock promoter Joe “Mon-Five”, who brings him the sexy and talented Alexa Parks to satisfy his needs. Suzie watches her husband (Tom Byron) with Nina Hartley and throws him out and then gets even in the Suzie Superstar way. The beat goes on.

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