Traci Lords – Sister Dearest (1984)

AKA: Back To Class
Colegialas Incestuosas
Collegiali Incestuose
High School Girls
Director: Jonathan Ross
Starring: Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Sahara, Crystal Breeze, Susan Hart, Peter North, Tom Byron, Lois Ayres, Greg Rome, Harry Reems, Herschel Savage, Greg Derek, Shone Taylor, Marc Wallice, Blake Palmer.
When Randy Jennings (Tom Byron) visits his old fraternity during Alumni Day at State U., he suddenly flashes back to his days (and nights) as a naive college freshman.
His education begins the night he first arrives. During a wild frat party, he inadvertently stumbles onto his sister, Vicky (Traci Lords) while she is earning her reputation as the campus nymphomaniac. That’s only the beginning: there’s the beautiful black co-ed (Sahara) who’s a push-over for total honesty; an art student (Susan Hart) who is driven to get something straight between her professor and herself; Vicky’s roommate (Ginger Lynn) who has an extra-curricular activity with an off-campus tattoo artist; and a couple of exotic dancers (Sondra Stillman and Breeze) who can’t help but get caught up in the heat of the moment.Still there is something missing in Randy’s education and, in the end, neither his college nor his fraternity can help him … only his sister.

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