Traci Lords – Night Of Loving Dangerously (1984)

Director: Adam
Starring: Traci Lords, Jamie Gillis, Ginger Lynn, Peter North, Christy Canyon, Chanel Lindsay, Steve Drake, Michael Phillips, Gary Reed.
This is widely regarded as Christy Canyon’s debut. Christy has three sex scenes: with Ginger Lynn on a bed; with Ginger Lynn and Peter North on by an outdoor pool (a gorgeous young Christy joins them while Peter receives head from Ginger); and another hot threeway where Christy joins Ginger Lynn and Jamie Gillis, on the fancy bed at “The Mansion” where many of the best 1984-1985 porn features were filmed. It’s a murder mystery story, where Christy, who appears in more than just sex scenes, is “Louise Harrison”, daughter of Chairman of the Board, Jamie Gillis. Peter North is a former cop and former husband of Traci Lords, and his ex-wife Traci calls him to investigate a blackmail plot against Louise’s father, Jamie Gillis, whom Traci is about to marry…
This movie was filmed in mid-September 1984, at same time as “On Golden Blonde” was being filmed, and each of those was released several months later. None of Traci’s scenes involved Christy, so all of them are still legal in “Girls Of Paradise”, “Ginger the Movie” and other compilations. Director and writer Michael Phillips appears in this film as Christy’s brother, but in real life, he was her S/O, the person she left films for in 1985, rather than lose him. Christy appears on the cover with Gina Valentino. Traci Lords appears in a little photo. Another gorgeous mid-eighties film.

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