Traci Lords – Lust In The Fast Lane (1984)

AKA: Autobahnorgie
Starring: Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Tom Byron, Crystal Breeze, Eric Edwards, Peter North, Sherrie St. Claire, Beverly Bliss, Marc Wallice, David Sanders.
A young married couple run out of petrol late one night and take shelter at a nearby old dark house where a group of swingers indulge in orgies. The couple enthusiastically join in but it turns out that their hosts are vampires.
Traci Lords as Jackie and Tom Byron as Bill have car trouble and or stranded out in nowhere. They walk until they come to this house owned by Eric Edwards as Jake and Ginger Lynn Allen as Louise. They beckon the hapless couple to spend the night and introduce them to the other couples. So naturally this calls for an orgy. This review being mostly out of memory,, that and wall to wall sex almost is all I remember, oh and there’s a supernatural horror twist. As I recall, when I saw it back in the day, it was VERY hot indeed. But who knows, maybe that’s looking back with rose-tinted glasses, seeing as Tracy starred in it I highly doubt I’ll get a chance to go back and see if it was as good as I seem to remember it being.

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