Traci Lords – Hollywood Heartbreakers (1985)

Director: Mark Carriere
Starring: Traci Lords, Beverly Bliss, Ron Jeremy, Amber Lynn, Tony Martino, Peter North, Craig Roberts, Greg Rome, David Sanders, Rick Savage, Gina Valentino, Nicole West.
Traci Lords co-stars in this greatly done movie with not that bad of a storyline attached to it. basically this film takes place on a beautiful friday in california. a fellow by the name of “Tony” runs a call girl business. these girls are contacted by him and are asked to get a “job” done. when one thinks of prostitution, the thoughts of dirty, gross, and disgusting are brought to mind. however i do enjoy how this film makes good of that. it is somewhat of a clean way of showing “the” bussiness. why must it be bad? i do give this movie 4 out of 5. the acting is usually what one should expect from a porn movie. some very nice bodies in this one. i like the mood the film sets and the music is actually not that bad. the sex, storyline, and humour together all add to make this movie really something.

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