Traci Lords – Harlequin Affair (1985)

Starring: Christy Canyon, Heather Wayne, Sahara, Sharon Mitchell, Tamara Longley, Traci Lords, Dan T. Mann, Eric Edwards, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Tom Byron.
The Harlequin Affair is one of the most amazing pieces of adult cinema in history. True, it is illegal now, because Tracy Lords was a minor at the time of filming. But if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing this, you’ll know she certainly doesn’t look or behave like a minor. The Harlequin Affair is the story of a young man who brings home a new wife to meet his family. But the young man, his family, and his friends are all white, and his wife is black. This initially causes a stir amongst the family and friends, but as the orgies and mix-and-match intercourse sessions commence, the family realizes that as long as she will engage in thoughtless sex with anyone, that she’ll fit right in with the rest of the family. Oh God, I have to return some videotapes.

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