Traci Lords – Educating Mandy (1985)

Director: Royce Shepard
Starring: Traci Lords, Harry Reems, Christy Canyon, Gina Valentino, Heather Wayne, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Ken Starbuck, Francois Papillon, Craig Roberts.
Buxom young Mandy is in love with her older husband Ted. But apparently it’s not enough, as she sees him during a random encounter with his secretary at work. Her bisexual friend Vicki with her girlfriend Helen come over to comfort her, but not before recalling a recent threesome they had with a male date. Once at Mandy’s house, Helen explains men simply can’t miss any conquest opportunities. For example, a supposedly married cosmetics customer couldn’t resist her as a door to door saleswoman when she used her large breasts to seduce him. Helen also recalls using them to seduce her pool cleaner, thus proving to Mandy the benefits of being single. Vicki provides her own beneficial example – of seducing her plumber. Vicki and Helen then invite Mandy to their relationship. Inspired by it all, Mandy fantasizes about seducing her non English speaking gardener. But the one she actually ends up…

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