Traci Lords – Bad Girls 3 (1984)

Starring: Traci Lords, Crystal Breeze, Cynthia Brooks, Kristara Barrington, Jacy Allen, Rachel Ashley, Rikki Blake, Stacey Donovan, Jay Serling, Jerry Butler.
The key operative word from the summary is bosom…and these girls have ’em! Sterling and Butler dress up as girls to invade an all girls camp that is supposed to be wholesome and pure.
One of Traci Lords’ earliest films she shows some good acting, good camera appeal, and a great(as usual) body. Rachel Ashley is thin and in great shape herself in this movie. Rikki Blake also deserves mention as she did her usual excellent support role.
Kudo’s have to go to the Camp Director, who shows great restraint when he suspects that one of the girls is not really a girl. He accuses Lords, at a general meeting of the campers, and he is only standing inches from her when she pulls her top up while boasting that “boys don’t have these”. The look in his eyes tells the viewer how uncomfortable that must have been.

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