Tower Of Power (1985)

Starring: Angel, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Harry Reems, Janey Robbins, Melanie Scott, Sharon Kelly, R. Bolla.
A power hungry, sexually charged movie about the ambitious world of business in L.A. in the 1980’s, centers on Fred Kingsley, R. Bolla, the board chairman of the vast Kingsley Industries. He rules from his executive tower over a staff motivated by money and sex. Between sex romps and seduction a special board meeting is called to try and uncover who is giving out company secrets. Will Kingsley find the real traitor…and does he have enough stockholder votes to control the board of directors?
TOWER OF POWER stars Annette Haven and Angel, two of arguably the most beautiful ladies to ever star in XXX. Also staring: Erica Boyer, John Leslie, R. Bolla, Janey Robbins, Herschel Savage and Colleen Brennan.

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