Tomboy (1983)

Starring: Melanie Scott, Doug Rossi, Laurien Wilde, Tina Ross, Karen Summer, Kay Parker, Rosemarie, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Randy Grant.
One of the Boys. That’s how Melanie was looked at. She was one of the best all -around athletes in town and always first-picked for touch football – a regular ‘tomboy.’ Then…Standing naked in front of a mirror one day, she begins to feel different about her body. She catches the eye of one of her male teammates peering into her room and a spark of sexual electricity charges the air. A woman is born!
Brimming with lust the next day, Melanie shows the whole team a new view of her backfield. It begins a carnal quest that sees the whole team scoring big! Melanie – a girl who went from making captain of the team, ends up making the whole team.

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