Tickled Pink (1985)

Starring: Sarah Bernard, Sharon Kane, Taija Rae, Tasha Voux, Eric Edwards, Johnny Nineteen, Saud Iblis, Steve Reynolds, Melanie Scott, Samantha Fox, David Pierce.
Meet Louise and Bernie, an attractive suburban couple with a small problem – their sex life is a bore. Looking for the key to unlock their inhibitions. Louise and Bernie get involved in an impromptu foursome, which only serves to whet their carnal appetites. Sifting through stacks of swinger’s magazines, the couple decides to answer an ad placed by a couple of nuclear physicists looking for the “ultimate pleasure.”
But when an unsuspecting couple accidentally show up at Louise and Bernie’s house, the stage is set for raucous comedy and raunchy sex. One misunderstanding follows another in this comedy of errors, and pretty soon everybody is in on the action as the house becomes a hotbed of unbridled lust! Girl Scouts, punkers, and the swinging physicists eventually join the action, making Tickled Pink one of the most amusing, arousing films to come around in ages! Don’t miss it!

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