Thy Neighbor’s Wife (1986)

Director: Danielle Rogers
Starring: Eric Edwards, Kimberly Carson, Paul Thomas, Sheena Horne, Tony Montana, Danielle Rogers, Rick Savage, Tami White, Rene Hunter.
Danielle Rogers wrote, produced, and directed this ravishingly romantic sex film. Eric Edwards plays a famous columnist with his eyes on some extra-marital fun with the wife of a well-known novelist. He can’t stop dreaming about her, and soon his erotic visions begin to take on a life of their own. He starts to scheme ways to get into her pants and into her life, only to learn that some vows should never be broken. His plans backfire, but not before the audience has been treated to a string of white-hot sexual encounters involving the would-be cheat. Each scene sparkles with real energy, and the couplings are both believable and arousing. A quality production with plenty of playfully erotic sex.

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