Things Change 3 (2003)

Starring: Claudia Chase, Inari Vachs, Katie Gold, Lola, Mia Smiles, Misty Rain, Nikki Sinn, Sana Fey, Mark Davis, Wendi Knight, Tony Tedeshfe.
Misty Rain is Mark Davis’ loving girlfriend, but Misty is a little itchy. She has always been a little curious about what it would be like to tie into another girl, and lately her interest has been getting the better of her. Now it’s time to try out the old sapphic thing, but there are some weighty considerations to be dealt with first, like what her wading into the lesbian lifestyle is going to do to her relationship with Mark. Not that ol’ Mark is especially worried about it – he’s too busy having his own extracurricular fun, like when bartender Inari Vachs treats him to a little oral action through a hole in the bar, and then takes him and Tony Tedeschi on in a blistering round of d.p. decadence. Then there’s Tony’s own torrid triad with Wendi Knight and Claudia Chase, which is nothing short of scalding due in no small part to the energy at work between the performers. A must-see for Misty’s many fans, and for couples looking for classy, story-driven erotica.

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