The Widespread Scandals Of Lydia Lace (1982)

Starring: Lee Carroll, Joanna Storm, Sharon Mitchell, Ashley Moore, R. Bolla, Joey Silvera, Joey Carson, Sue Nero, Cintrice, Sharon Kane, Sean Elliot, Lisa Be, Kenny Dee.
This film is one of the best sex films from legendary director Henri Pachard, a scorching look at the swing scene of the late 70s. Lee Carroll and Ashley Moore star as a couple who fantasize about out-there sexual antics, but who are constrained by their own hang-ups. Ashley’s a lawyer whose clients include tasty young Joanna Storm, a gal who wants out of her marriage because her hubby keeps insisting on threesomes with a gal they met at a swing club. Lee is a shrink whose clients include a guy who whines that his young wife craves threesomes with a gal they met at a swing club. Ashley’s also enjoying an affair with scrumptious Sharon Mitchell that leaves him too worn out to perform once he gets back home with Lee. One night, Lee and Ashley decide to go to the swing club and check it out for themselves. To their surprise, they find that their clients are in fact married to one another — and the gal they’re trysting with is none other than Sharon Mitchell! Lee ends up delving into her deepest desires when Joanna and Sharon show her the Sapphic side of sensual satisfaction. This is 70s porn at its best, a compelling story filled with searingly hot sex from start to finish. An all-time classic.

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