The Violation Of Jewel Valmont (2000)

Starring: Jewel Valmont, Mazzy Paige, Love Lee, Layla Jade, Jezarre Robs, Maren Beautte, Stryc-9, Mirage, Gwen Summers.
The ‘Violation of…’ series has long been one of the stand-out lines in lesbian porn. Rather than concentrating on the glossy, soft-focus hi jinx of some other girl-girl series, this series takes a more full-throttle approach. Closer to a gang bang flick than a traditional lesbian romp, this one stars Jewel Valmont as a teacher at a school for girls. When she walks into her room one day and finds Gwen Summers and Stryc-9 involved in a steamy Sapphic session, Jewel spanks them across the bottoms with her handy wooden pointer. The next day, the frustrated femmes turn the tables on their leggy teacher, throwing aside all notions of propriety and good sense as they force her into a wild all-girl group grope. They toss Jewel across her desk and peel her out of her schoolmarmish outfit, then subject their mean headmaster to all manner of out-there sexual hysterics. From stuffing an apple in her mouth while they defile her to using a variety of local objects as sex toys, these gals pull out all the stops in their determined effort to draw out the carnal beast within Valmont. The whole thing turns into one big pile of sweaty, writhing female flesh before all is said and done. Exceptional performances from Valmont, Summers and Layla Jade highlight the proceedings, which will definitely appeal to those who like their lesbian action to have a bit of a rougher edge than normally found in the genre. “Fully erect! A marvelously ballsy effort!” — Hustler Erotic Video Guide.

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