The Villa (2005)

AKA: Les Delices De Janine
Director: Paul Thomas
Starring: Janine, Haley Paige, Bunny Luv, Julian, Jassie, Nick Manning, Vincent Vega, Dale Dabone, Evan Stone, Tiana Lynn.
Welcome to the thrilla’ in The Villa! The Villa’s on fire! Adult’s most awarded director Paul Thomas and his favorite super-vixen Janine are holed up in a mysterious villa where constant distractions make Janine’s writing difficult. Sexy strangers wander the hall and nothing’s quite what it seems. The gardener beckons her. The butcher eyes her loins, the baker, her buns. Eventually she gives into temptation, and the adventure becomes her script.
The Villa…Janine’s back into boys…and Paul Thomas has the tape to prove it.

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