The Ultimate Kiss (1984)

Starring: Rick Cassidy, Bonnie Stewart
If you have an oral fixation or just want to perfect your technique, “The Ultimate Kiss” will guide you through the “ins and outs” of the mouth, the most sensual part of the body! It gives love, it takes love and it makes love. In this arousing, 30 minute, “how to” guide, The Ultimate Kiss passionately explores the savory joys of oral lovemaking. Intimate narrations and original music accompany the soft-focus cinematography of tongues tasting, bodies writhing, and lips tugging at excited, wet flesh. The Ultimate Kiss is for men and women, apart and together. You’ll learn when to kiss, where and just how hard. Follow the tongue as it circles, then lightly flicks a swollen clitoris; see it trace the outline of an erect penis. And while exploring the act of analingus, you’ll also learn the important medical precautions associated with anal sex. There is nothing more personal or more erotic than making love with the mouth and the tongue. Discover the ultimate in sexual ecstasy. Discover the ultimate kiss.

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