The Temptation Of Serenity (1994)

Starring: Serenity, Tera Heart, Sindee Coxx, Amanda Addams, Emerald Estrada, Jonathan Morgan, Tony Tedeschi, Steve Justice.
Serenity gives into sensual temptation, turning in some of her hottest lesbian and boy/girl scenes to date! Fans won’t be disappointed!
Everyone’s favorite Sapphic dreamboat is back. This time though, the temptation of hard male flesh is proving just a bit too much. Yeah, but it’s gonna take a wild roller-coaster ride to heaven and hell and back again to show Serenity all that she’s been missing! So buckle up and let the game begin, ’cause the grand prize ain’t behind door #1…Serenity’s got it tucked away right between those creamy thighs.

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