The Sleazy Detective (1988)

Starring: Kendal Marx, Megan Leigh, Tamara Longley, Kristara Barrington, Gayle Sterling, Kim Angeli, Jesse Adams, Linda Cartier.
Mike Horner is a bumbling gum shoe heading a struggling detective agency. Usually, Mike makes his dough by following around spouses suspected of cheating and snapping a few photos here and there. But this time out he’s managed to nab a very lucrative, much more involved case. He is given the assignment of discovering the whereabouts of Megan Leigh, an ultra-promiscuous heiress who has gone missing. On Megan’s trail, Mike happens upon oodles of scorching carnal caperings and lots of erotic mischief, but can’t seem to find his prey. And back at the office, his secretary is always having at it with repair men and potential customers, boffing them so soundly that they forget what they came in for. A hilarious, hyper-erotic tale of a nerdy private Dick, his sexually depraved clients and the fun they have getting to the bottom of a few things.

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