The Secret Dreams Of Mona Q (1976)

Director: Charles Kaufman
Starring: Monique Cardin, Sharon Mitchell, Helga Unster, Jenny Baxter, Rose Taft, Wanda, Wade Nichols, Bobby Astyr, Kevin James, Tom Baker, Richard Rimmer, Michael Shea.
Monique Cardin stars in this freaky, funny, fiery look at a marriage on the rocks. Monique plays Mona Q, a woman who just can’t seem to keep her husband interested when it comes to sex. She tries everything, but he still prefers staring at magazine centerfolds to ravishing her. Mona is forced to retreat into her fantasies, where she dreams up a series of explosively erotic encounters. Many of her dreams take place in the woods near their house, and we get to watch as these powerfully passionate outdoor pile-ups take place. Among the hottest is a riveting threesome that finds Alexandria taking on a couple of studs in a rip-roaring threesome. She also joins luscious Sharon Mitchell for a little lesbian loving out in the forest. Mona also dreams up a strange fantasy segment in which she’s a washing machine repairwoman who trysts with her buffed-out black customer. Meanwhile, Mona’s husband is having some decadent dreams of his own. He fantasizes about taking on his sassy secretary and two of her gal pals in a freaky group session. The whole thing escalates until we arrive at a climactic dinner party. There, Mona and her husband come to some shattering realizations. Filled with great performances and stunning sirens, this feature still holds a powerful erotic spell.

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