The Satisfiers Of Alpha Blue (1980)

Director: Gerard Damiano
Starring: Tiffany Clark, Lisa Thatcher, Hillary Summers, Sharon Mitchell, Annie Sprinkle, Monique, Lee Carroll, Richard Bolla, George Payne, Jody Maxwell, Herschel Savage.
An ambitious and intensely sexual sci-fi experience, ‘The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue’ ranks among the finest space-age sexvids ever made. The action is set in the far-off 21st century, when technological advances have left the human race with little to do with their time except to dabble in debauchery. At futuristic sex clubs like Alpha Blue, groups of wanton women known as Satisfiers work overtime to develop their sensual skills. These gorgeous strumpets serve as willing sexual entertainment for all who pass through their doors, ready and eager to engage in any type of erotic enticement. So what’s the problem, you might wonder? Ask Robert Bolla, a guy who yearns for something more fulfilling than simple-minded carnal pleasure. He wants romance, not empty sex, and he finds it in the arms of lovely Lysa Thatcher. Meanwhile, his rough-and-tumble buddy Herschel Savage is loving every minute that he can spend with the Satisfiers. This film delivers some surprisingly wild action when it’s focusing on the action inside Alpha Blue. From light B&D to amorous anal fun to blistering group gropes, anything goes within its walls. Who needs an Orgasmatron when you’ve got ready and willing ravishers who can serve your every erotic need?

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