The Return Of Teenage Christy Canyon (1985)

Starring: Christy Canyon, Peter North, Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy, Heather Wayne, Rick Savage.
Few porn stars are as fresh, alluring and downright cock hardening as the young 18 and 19 year old Christy Canyon was when she began stopping hearts in her earliest porn performances. Just what were those huge tits doing on that leggy slender body? Why is a chick this hot doing porno in the first place? Where did she get that endless sexual energy that made her so game to suck and satisfy? We attempt to answer these questions and more in this continuation of our hottest collection series ever! Rare loops, titty banging action, Christy as dominatrix and more, all topped off with a gallery of rare early stills of the sexiest teenage titty queen of all time!

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