The Reel Sex World 4 – Laid In Hawaii (1994)

Director: Jonathan Morgan
Starring: Leena, Kaitlyn Ashley, Jonathan Morgan, Steven St. Croix, Jasper, Sierra, D.J. Alden, Amanda Rae, Alex Sanders.
Paradise just got a jumpstart! If you thought of Hawaii as gently swaying palms and soft tropical breezes, you’ve got another thing coming! Sure, it’s got all those things, but with the mainland invasion of our resident horndogs–Leena, Jonathan and Stephan, and an outrageous boatload of buttloving deepdriving vixens in tow, the mercury’s bound to start climbing. Lush tropical and high seas locations punctuate this sordid display of frenzied carnality. Sound good? Then get set to get laid in Hawaii!
This sexfest was shot entirely on location in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Hot sex in a lush tropical forest, or with a boatload of buttloving deepdriving vixens in tow…sound fun? Climb aboard! Directed by Jonathan Morgan and Alex Sanders.

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