The Penthouse (1989)

Director: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Fifi Bardot, Nina Hartley, Tianna, Robert Bullock, Mike Horner, Jon Martin, Joey Silvera.
It started out as an innocent place to go… just to get away. It was a secret. Now everyone knows about the Penthouse and all the games that are played there. You see B.B. Shotzman is just a guy who wanted to get ahead in the corporate world and one hand washes the other… as they say. He has a place they call the Penthouse.
The story is about an executive (Robert Bullock} in a company trying to get ahead by loaning out his apartment to his bosses for their sexual pursuits. This makes him feel guilty, but his desire to get ahead outweighs his sense of morality. Every time he gets a step up the ladder and decides to go straight with his career, another step becomes possible- if he continues.

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