The Pawnbroker (1990)

Director: Ron Jeremy
Starring: Alexandra Quinn, Ashley Dunn, Cameo, Chessie Moore, Kristarah Knight, Nikki Wilde, Renee Foxx, Sabrina Dawn, Tonisha Mills, Biff Malibu, Cal Jammer, Johnny Angel, Randy West, Sebastian, T.T. Boy, Wayne Summers.
How can you put a price on a person’s sexual fantasies? Well, the adult film industry does it on a regular basis, I suppose, and so does the owner of a hock shop, which, along with the usual appliances and jewelry, offers clients a chance to sell their innermost erotic dreams in Infinity’s latest shot-in-the-arm to the feature film branch of the business. The Pawnbroker is a stylish, almost somber film, that sags a little under its individual segments, but taken in whole is an arousing drama. Down-and-out rock band leader Randy West visits the shop, forced to part with his prize guitar, when the mysterious proprietor makes him an offer: with the aid of a bizarre machine, he’ll purchase the fantasies of West and his fellow musicians and sell them to sexually bored patrons with no imaginary love life to speak of. (Yes, you saw this basic plot on a “Twilight Zone” rerun one, as well as being a twist on this past summer’s Total Recall. So what?) The audience is then treated to five different sexual segments that run the gamut from decent to incendiary. West’s own fantasy puts him in the Old West, as dusty cowpoke who gets a good cleaning among other things from Sabrina Dawn and Ashley Dunn. Next, farmer’s daughter Cameo has new ranchhands T.T. Boy and Cal Jammer help her with a special chore in a fast-paced comedic romp. Wayne Summers and Beau Michaels are the astronauts who teach space monarch Kristarrah Knight and her ladies the ways of boy-girl love in a sci-fi orgy, followed by fatal (!) hospital hijinx with patient Johnny Angel and medicos Renee Foxxee and Chessie Moore. Finally, Biff Malibu gets the massage of his life from Tunisia.

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