The Other Side Of Julie (1978)

Director: Anthony Riverton
Starring: Lori Blue, Paula Wain, Flower, Susannah French, Gloria Roberts, Chris Peterson, Kristine Heller, Nancy Hoffman, Richard Logan, Joey Silvera, David Pinney, John Leslie, Michael Morrison, Ray Wells.
The Other Side Of Julie, starring the breathtaking Susannah French, traces the madcap life led by her and her husband, Mike (John Leslie).
Mike has an extraordinary life-style – a white Rolls Royce Corniche convertible, a large business, a magnificent home, and a side line that Julie knows nothing about. He selects lovely young women at random, and makes the following proposition: he will supply the financial backing for a new business partnership and in return the girls supply him with a share of the profits – and unlimited sex!
When Julie finally discovers Mike’s sham, she turns the tables and takes over in a fabulous climax that will leave you breathless and crying for more.

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