The Model (1991)

Director: Charlie Diamond
Starring: Amanda Stone, Ashlyn Gere, Domonique Simone, Greg Rome, Rick Blaine, Sean Michaels, Tony Montana.
A simple story about a photography studio serves as the backdrop for a series of white-hot sexual encounters in this feverish romp. Legendary starlet Ashlyn Gere brings her prodigious curves to the role of the owner of the studio, which she runs with the help of fellow shutterbug Bill Lee. To get their business venture off on the right foot, Ashlyn and Bill engage in a high octane screamer of an opening tryst. Super-busty black beauty Dominique Simone then shows up to get some sexy photos done for her husband. Of course, Dominique can’t resist a little extra-curricular fun with the guy shooting her. Next, Amanda Storm struts onto the scene to get some photos done, too. As Ashlyn shoots the session, Tony Montana wanders by and takes the opportunity to take on Amanda in a frantic frolic. Ashlyn gets back into the act in the next scene when a stud shows up to pick up his pictures. She gives him a little extra reason to come back again, writhing her way through another high-intensity coupling. The flick ends with Amanda and Sean Michaels in a searing interracial hook-up. Energetic and fast-paced, this one’s a nice pick for those who appreciate no-nonsense hardcore.

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