The Master Of Pleasure (1988)

Director: John T. Bone
Starring: Jack Baker, Kim Christie, Billy Dee, Kathleen Gentry, Mike Horner, John Leslie, Alicia Monet, Joey Silvera, Samantha Strong, Kim Acosta.
When John Leslie catches his wife Renee Morgan in a lesbian tryst with Kathleen Gentry, his bruised ego goes out for a walk with his erotic imagination and John imagines himself the master of a harem full of beautiful women. Samantha Strong is his obvious favorite, and she submissively obeys all of his commands. The first of these is to service sexually John and his friend Mike Horner. She does so happily, but is later a little less than pleased with the arrival of a new girl, Delia Moore. A little inter-concubine rivalry rears its head and the ladies battle it out for John’s affections. Alas, when morning comes, John finds himself back in bed with his cheating wife, who he gives one last chance to prove she still likes men. She does and the marriage is saved.

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