The Masseuse 1 (1990)

Director: Paul Thomas
Starring: Danielle Rodgers, Hyapatia Lee, Porche Lynn, Randy Spears, Paul Thomas.
Winner: Best Actor – Randy Spears
Winner: Best Actress – Hyapatia Lee
Winner: Best Screenplay – Film

Since its release in 1990, The Masseuse has been remade by its original director, Paul Thomas. But, even he was not able to duplicate the success he had experimenting with character development and plot as integral parts of an adult film. That year, The Massuese won best Film Screenplay for Vivid as well as Best Actor awards for Randy Spears and Hyapatia Lee. The film’s story is ordinary and real and the performances are convincing. The movie became an instant classic and stands to this day as one of the most well crafted, erotic adult movies ever made.
Randy Spears plays a twenty-eight year old virgin who becomes obsessed with a masseuse played by Hyapatia Lee. Despite the advances of an eager co-worker, Spears character falls into a one-sided relationship with the masseuse that exists mainly in his own mind. The shy librarian eventually comes face to face with the reality of her situation as well as his own.

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