The Kiss (1998)

Starring: Lori Michaels, Katie Gold, Chloe, Tia Bella, Felecia, Michael J. Cox, Tony Tedeschi, Nick East, Kyle Stone, Steve Hatcher.
The Kiss – Lori has the perfect boyfriend: good-looking, sexy, rich, but she’s not happy…He’s not a good kisser.
For her, kissing is the most important thing. It’s also of the utmost importance to her roommate, played by Kyle Stone.
He could care less about kissing but he’s got a wicked crush on Lori.
Believing she will fall in love with him if he can just maneuver her into a kiss he sets out with a series of ill-fated strategies to get her lip-to-lip with him.
But in the end you can’t manage affairs of the heart.

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